The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance offers networking and continuing education with accounting and finance professionals at the local, regional and national levels. Our members communicate both virtually and in-person through online discussion forums, national and regional conferences and chapter meetings.

Please note that you must purchase both a national and chapter membership.

 National Membership Categories:

  • Regular Member ($199) – Holds a CPA certificate or equivalent or has two/more years of experience in accounting or finance or holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field.
  • Affiliate Member ($199) – Not actively engaged in the accounting or finance industry or has a substantial interest in accounting or finance.
  • Associate Member ($99) – Actively engaged in accounting or finance with less than 2 years of experience.
  • Student Member ($45) – Regularly enrolled students, attending at least half-time, in post-secondary educational institutions, majoring in accounting, finance, or its equivalent.

Note there is a $25.00 application fee for new members that is not included in the prices above.

The San Diego Chapter Dues:

  • Regular Member ($43.00)
  • Affiliate/Student/Associate Member ($22.00)

You will be able to select your chapter when visiting the AFWA’s online store after you begin the registration process and select your national membership.

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The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance also offers a Corporate Membership Program that provides a benefit for companies that enroll 5 or more members at the same time. Individuals who become members under this plan will receive all the benefits of our membership at a special discounted dues rate, and the company will be eligible to choose from several corporate bonuses.

Benefits of Membership

AFWA is “Education, Inspiration, Networking and Fun!” AFWA is a member-driven organization dedicated to:

Expanding members’ technical knowledge, skills and abilities.
Keeping members current in their field of expertise.
Providing career management and transition guidance and assistance.

Our benefits include

  • Prestigious Status of professional affiliation
  • Business contacts locally and nationally
  • Personal and professional support
  • Relocation network
  • Scholarships for new and returning students
  • Job referral network
  • Exclusive access to positions made available to the San Diego AFWA chapter
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Business management and leadership skills development
  • National newsletter
  • Local chapter newsletter
  • Scholarships
  • CPE credit for most member meetings at no additional cost
  • Low cost, high-quality CPE at the local area, national meetings and conferences
  • Special member rates for meetings, conferences, and products
  • Discounted membership to the Institute for Management Accountants (IMA)

AFWA is women employed in a variety of accounting and financial functions united by a common purpose: to enable women in all fields of accounting and finance to achieve their personal, professional and economic potential and to contribute to the future development of the profession.