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Urandari Otgonbaatar

Urandari currently attends San Diego State University and plans to complete her Masters in Accountancy by May 2023.  She is an international student from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and came to America in 2021 to pursue her master’s degree.

Her mother was her inspiration in becoming an accountant.  Ever since she was 12 years old, she has helped her mom run her small restaurant and quickly learned that businesses need a financial professional.  Losing her mother when she was in high school was devastating.  Urandari continued to pursue this dream because there are other businesses out there who need professional financial help like her mother did.

Coming to America was difficult financially and culturally.  The exchange rate and the COVID pandemic had made this dream more expensive than she anticipated.  She supplements her family’s financial support with a part time job and continues to seek out scholarships or grants to help pay for educational costs. 

To help her understand the American culture, Urandari joined and is an active member of the student organization Beta Alpha Psi.  She currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer.

Congratulations Urandari and good luck with both your studies and future career path!